Hi there! 

Have a question? Of course you do and we are happy to answer your question, however, you may want to see if any of these FAQs work first:


  • Is there THC in my candle? No
  • Is there CBD in my candle? Nope
  • Will I get high off my candle? Not at all
  • Do I have to consume every time I light my candle? No....but you might have a more chill experience if you do. Either way, do what is best for you.
  • How do I burn my candle? Light it. (Check out our tips here)
  • How do I repurpose my candle jar? Clean it and put weed in it. (Check out our repurposing instructions here.)
  • What should I use my empty candle jar for now? Weed or jelly beans. (Check out our ideas here.) 
  • What does HAFlit mean? High as Fuck to Lightly Lit. We can help you light your vibe regardless if you are high as fuck or lightly lit.
  • Where can we buy your candles? Online or at various dispensaries and retail stores.
  • Where do you make your candles? In our studio located in Santa Ynez, which is located within Santa Barbara County, California, USA.
  • Where is your favorite place to buy cannabis? We always purchase from a legal and licensed dispensary, yet Emerald Perspective is my favorite.
  • How fast will my order ship? Orders should ship within 1-2 days of us receiving the order. We will follow up with an email when it ships.
  • I have an idea for a scent. How do I tell you about it? Please send us an email, DM on Insta, or a message on FB.

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