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  • Is there THC in my candle? No
  • Is there CBD in my candle? Nope
  • Will I get high off my candle? Not at all
  • Why isn't there any cannabis in my candle? Because it's cheaper to use cannabis in other routes of administration (like tinctures, inhalants, edibles, topicals, and transdermals) and it's more effective than a cannabis-infused candle. If you need help in choosing your routes and dosage, please contact your dispensary and/or doctor.
  • Do I have to consume every time I light my candle? No....but you might have a more chill experience if you do. Either way, do what is best for you.
  • How do I burn my candle? Light it. (Check out our tips here)
  • How do I repurpose my candle jar? Clean it and put stuff in it. (Check out our repurposing instructions here.)
  • What should I use my empty candle jar for now?  Flower or jelly beans...actually there are endless possablities (Check out our ideas here.) 
  • What does HAFlit mean? HighAF to Lightly Lit. We can help you light your vibe!
  • Where can we buy your candles? Online or at various dispensaries and online and physical retail stores.
  • Where do you make your candles? In our studio located in Santa Ynez, which is located within Santa Barbara County, California, USA. They ship from our storage facility in Ventura County, California storage facility.
  • Where is your favorite place to buy cannabis? We always purchase from a legal and licensed dispensary, yet Emerald Perspective is my favorite.
  • How fast will my order ship? Orders should ship within 1-2 days of us receiving the order. We will follow up with an email when it ships.
  • I have an idea for a scent. How do I tell you about it? Please send us an email, DM on Insta, or a message on FB.
  • Do you wholesale? YES! Please contact getlit@HAFlitcandles.com for more information.

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