Welcome friends! What an exciting era we are in as we see this plant reborn into a new industry that is ever evolving. After watching from the green closet for so many years, we felt it was time we jump in to help elevate the accessory side of our industry (like candles!) and shake off the old stoner stigma of tie-dye and pot leaves.

We are makers that want to celebrate your cannabis lifestyle in a way as unique as you. Whether you appreciate a CBD rub on your sore spots, are a participant of ganj'a yoga, medicate for whatever ailment is bothering you, or still keeping it all a secret because, y’know, your job. We hear you.

We create sophisticated candles for the cannabis consumer because we understand that many of us appreciate what nature gives without the negative stigma of plant medicines. We’re the accessory on your desk that elicits a smile and a knowing wink from those in the know, yet looks classy enough to pass right by those that aren’t. We’re here to celebrate your lifestyle and move the normalization movement forward. Welcome to HAFlit Candles! We’ll keep your vibe HighAF to Lightly Lit!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our journey, now we want to learn about you! Show us how you #lightyourvibe !



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